Vintage Snow Blowers
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Vintage Snow Blowers


Some say that with age does not come being old. Nowadays, not only are cars valued for being antique, but a lot of people are interested in vintage snow blowers (or snow throwers).   

Even if modern snow blowers provide more convenience, efficiency and speed in removing snow from your driveway or sidewalk, vintage snow blowers exude an aura of sturdiness, reliability and elegance beneath their rough appearance.   

Remember that in the "old days," people had no choice but to use shovels in clearing up snow from their pavements. This method proved to be very tedious. Who likes breaking their back just to clear up the snow from their driveway? Fortunately, the snow blower was invented, by Arthur Sicard of Canada, in 1925. The first one was sold in Montreal, Canada as the Sicard Snow Remover Snowblower. 

Originally, it was developed to remove snow from the railways and runways of train tracks. Since then, a lot of snow blowers have been developed, like the one designed by Robert Carr Harris of Dalhousie, New Brunswick. As time passed, it developed into a more complex and durable snow blowing machine.  

More notable vintage snow blower manufacturers are being recognized, such as Allis-Chalmers, Jacobson, John Deere and Mastercraft. It may seem ironic that sometimes the older the model the snow blower is, the higher value it demands. In addition to the "collectability" factor, this is because the older models are reliable and have the classiness and elegance of earlier times.   

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