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Why a Skid Steer Snow Blower Works Better

If you live in the northern parts of the US, then you have probably seen the giant piles of snow built up in parking lots after a winter storm. These piles are created by snow plows, and although they take up lots of space, plow operators do not really have a choice.

The snow has got to be piled somewhere.  But a skid steer snow blower provides the solution to this problem.

Skid steer snow blower operators can blow the snow over to grassy areas instead of piling it in the corner of the parking lot. This keeps the snow off of the parking lot and frees up valuable space. Having the snow stored outside the boundaries of the parking lot also prevents ice from forming on the lot as the snow melts in the day and freezes at night.

Skid steer owners can make good money with snow removal by offering their services to local businesses including restaurants, shopping malls, grocery stores, or anywhere that a large amount of snow needs to be removed. A pickup truck and plow are no match for a powerful skid steer snow blower.

Some people choose to use the skid steer with a plow attachment, and while that is a great option (if it weren't it would not be so popular), it is not as powerful as a blower. A snow plow can clear a large amount of snow in a very short time span, and is particularly effective when used on city streets and neighborhoods. But it can not do what a skid steer snow blower can do.

If you look at the street corners and asphalt of city roads, you can see marks from a plow blade. Many businesses do not want these blemishes on their parking lots, and with a skid steer snow blower, you don't have to worry about that. You can use these machines around sidewalks, driveways, and other tight spaces where you might do damage with a snow plow. And an adjustable chute gives the operator the ability to aim and distribute the snow into a specific area. This allows the operator to blow the snow off of the parking lot and onto the grass nearby.

You have your choice of several popular models when choosing a skid steer snow blower.  The Erskine Universal model can clear a path up to 40 inches wide. FFC skid steer snow blowers also have a reputation for excellence, and they can throw snow up to 45 feet!

These and other highly rated brands will give you the ability to perform snow removal with a level of precision, while giving you the speed and clearing path needed to cover large areas quickly.

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