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Winter Work and Fun with ATV Snow Blowers

ATV snow blowers were first invented when someone had the novel idea of attaching a snow blower to their ATV in order to clear out the driveway. This fun-inspired idea has taken hold, and several companies now manufacture commercial-grade snow blowers which are specifically designed to be attached to your ATV.  But don't run out and buy one just yet, until you've learned all there is to know about ATV snow blowers.

Pretty much any ATV will work, even small two wheel drive models. ATV snow blowers should be able to mount onto pretty much any of the common four wheel ATVs. If you are going to be going through rough terrain or deep snow, you will probably need something around a mid-size 4x4 ATV with a 500cc engine and automatic transmission. Most ATV snow blowers require a front-mounted winch. You may also need tire chains for your ATV if you are in really rough areas.

Before you buy, make sure that the snow blower you are purchasing will fit onto your ATV. You can do this by checking with the manufacturer for your specific year, make, and model. If you contact your local ATV dealer they can provide recommendations for you, and should know exactly what works best for your specific brand of ATV.

You can make use of your new ATV snow blower to pick up some extra cash in bad weather. Check around your local area and ask churches, schools, local groups and businesses, or anyone who could use a snow blower and try to get them to accept your service. Paying jobs can add up. Before you know it, you could be on your way to making a nice profit by riding around on your ATV!

Popular brands of ATV snow blowers include Agri-Fab, which offers an 11hp model with a 50-inch path, and the Bercomac, which has models from 48-54 inches wide. A new player on the scene is Snow Hogg, offering their 42-inch two-stage snow blower with its 13 hp Honda engine, which is becoming popular among some ATV enthusiasts.

In many cases, ATV manufacturers have their own line of blowers that they offer customers. Companies like Polaris, for example, allow you to purchase a Polaris-branded snow blower add-on. These blowers come with benefits like factory warranty and dealer installation, which gives them an advantage in the market place.

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